StageSound EffectPlayer - Advanced live performance media player

DOWNLOAD StageSound EffectPlayer 1.0 for Windows

Caution! This programm might be very usefull to you! Now you can set up every single sound very precisely
and professionally even before the play starts. Lean back and enjoy clicking buttons only - after the curtain falls!!

This is a portable program. So, no installation required! Simply place all files comming with the downloadable archive anywhere on your computer.
Then start the software by executing the "StageSound EffectPlayer.exe". Be sure all files comming with the archive are placed in the same directory.

The software is free to use. It implements the BASS API for .NET which is free but not for commercial use.
So don't sell the StageSound EffectPlayer, copy and sell it... Just use it :-)
For more information visit the Un4seen BASS API Developer's site.

Be sure to have .NET Framework- at least Version 3.5 - installed!

If you use Windows 7 or have a well updated XP/Vista, the latest .NET Framework should have been installed by the windows update already.


Most of the functions are self explaining. Use the "Functions" menu to control the position of each sound, insert new sounds and more.
"File" menu lets you save and load your performance playlists just as you know it from every other common application.

Use "Load" to load a sound file. The StageSound Effectplayer supports most common formats such as mp3, wav, midi, wmv etc...
Check "Deleteable" to make a Sound deletetable. I implemented this to protect the playlist while in live perfomance.

Since this program is made for live performance, the sound you are handling with will be higlighted and all previous sounds will seem disabled.
As soon as you click stop, or click FadeOut and FadeOut+Stop is checked, the focus will jump to the next sound automatically. Anyway, you can
get back the visual focus to a sound by simply clicking somewhere inside the target sound area again.
Might be a bit confusion at the beginning but I found it very useful to always have the focus on whats next.

Hit the FX button in each sound to manipulate it. You can use a 3-Band EQ and one of 4 effects to form the sound.
Each effect has different parameters. There are 4 sliders to change 4 of the parameters. Play arround to find out what each slider does with
the sound for each effect. Remember that one slider reprents different parameters, depending on which effect you have choosen.I will be more
precise with the effects in a further version. Anyway, one of the 4 Sliders is always the wet/dry Slider for each effect. The most used effect
will probably be the reverb and FX3-Slider in this case represents the size of the simulated Room, so that's the most interessting slider
by now I suppose:-)

Check the APFS box to be sure to play the sound from the very start each time! APFS= AlwaysPlayFromStartposition.
If you seek to another position, this position will be the start position. So if you hit stop, the position will be
the seeked one. Hit stop twice (like a double-click) to reset to 00:00:00.

Use the FadeIn/FadeOut buttons and timescale controls to smoothly fade the sounds with only one click.
Set the volume level with your mouse to save a new position where to fade to/from.

Because every sound has its own virtual channel, you can play multiple sounds at once, or fade between sounds.

If Fade+Stop is checked, after each FadeOut, the soundfile will be stopped. It will be checked as default.
Sometimes a soundeffect or piece of music needs to be faded in and out several times: Uncheck the option to do that.

Use speed ratio for live pitching or predefine a value to manipulate the sound right from the time you hit play.

And now, enjoy your show!

This software is freeware and open source as well. Send me a mail to get the sourcecode. It is written in C#. Since its a private project, there is no warranty. See readme.txt in download archive for more information.

If you have any suggestions what to be implemented in the next version, bugs, lags etc. write to me, see readme.txt for contact data.